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Mandrels are used to draw tubes and to determine the internal diameter of the pipe.

Fixed mandrels: Are primarily used on chain drawing benches to draw fixed pipe lengths. The mandrel is fixed on a (mandrel) bar. The mandrel is inserted with the mandrel bar into the drawing die and the drawing material is formed between the drawing die and mandrel. Fixed mandrels are used in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 200 mm pipe diameter.

Drawing mandrels: Are used for endless drawing of tubes on barrel drawing benches. In order to function perfectly it is indispensable to calculate the drawing geometries of the drawing die and drawing mandrill correctly. We use a specialized designed software to calculate Drawing-shedules.

The correct carbide grade and the high quality mirror surface-finish within smallest tolerances ensures maximum service life of our mandrels and mandrels. These tools can be provided with surface coating to provide maximum lifetime.

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